These Movies Shatter the Illusion of Ableism

There is a common misconception that disabled people are not as capable as able-bodied people, and this is the view of an ableist. Ableism is the discrimination and social prejudice against disabled people based on the idea that individuals with a disability are inferior. Ableism can take the form of subconscious sayings such as “you do not look disabled” or asking a person what is “wrong with them.” On the other hand, it can be as blunt as using ableist slurs such as “slow” and “crazy.” At the very core, this bias defines people by their disability and assumes that they need to be fixed. Past movies like Of Mice and Men exemplify this; however, as the decades roll by, films are now beginning to educate people on disability.

Disability has often been depicted negatively within film, but these great movies find empowerment through the disability and educate their audiences.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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