Tom Holland Goes on Record About Spider-Man 4

It hasn’t been all too long ago when the most hyped movie in 2021 was finally in theaters, and not even a global pandemic could stop the audiences from flocking to see the film once, twice, and even three times. Spider-Man: No Way Home was every bit the movie that Marvel Studios, Sony, and Disney had proclaimed it to be. Everyone’s favorite Wall-Crawler even swung into the sunset with the tune of $1.7 billion worldwide to show for the excitement. Some of the biggest news outside the film itself, though, was how quickly Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal sprung the news on the franchise’s fourth installment, saying that there were already plans for a new trilogy. On the media tour for Uncharted, which stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, Holland weighed in, saying “there have been conversations.”

On the press tour for Uncharted, Tom Holland goes off the map and talks Spider-Man 4: "There have been conversations."Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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