Top 14 Greatest Plot Twists Of All Time, Ranked

When it comes to making a good film, you have to start with a good story. Most films follow a three-act structure that sets the story up, sends your characters on a mission, and concludes with a resolution. This structure has worked for years, and is the blueprint of most of the films you watch today. With that said, a good screenwriter can incorporate their own techniques to make their story unique to them. The point of a film is to keep the audience engaged from beginning to end. A good way to do that is to incorporate unanswered questions throughout the story to keep the audience guessing until everything is concluded. The twist ending is a satisfying way to shock the audience by turning the tables and showing them something they never saw coming. Filmmakers have been incorporating this method into their films for all of cinematic history, and it can either make or break a good film.

A plot twist can either make or break a movie. Here are 14 of the greatest in cinema, ranked.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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