Uncharted Review: Tom Holland’s Miscast in a Lackluster Adaptation

Uncharted fans need to lower their expectations for the hit video games big-screen adaptation. A-list leads Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg elicit a few chuckles with their banter. But they never fully inhabit the beloved personalities of the swashbuckling fortune hunters. Uncharted has a rote and uninspired plot that struggled to hold my attention. The film comes across as an adventure by checklist. Ticking boxes for parkour, puzzles, and gunplay as a weak nod to the much better source material. It also doesn’t help that the clunky CGI action looks like PS4 cutscenes.

Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) joins Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) on a globetrotting treasure hunt in Uncharted.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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