What Marvel’s Daredevil Move to Disney+ Could Mean for the Hero

Daredevil chronicles the life of Matt Murdoch (Charlie Cox), aka the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, a charming, blinded-in-childhood defense attorney by day and a gruesome but principled crime-fighting vigilante by night. Murdoch’s priorities, his Catholic faith, and his strict refusal to kill or cause the death of his enemies no matter what they are guilty of (though he is certainly capable of doing so), as well as his unflinching need to do whatever is necessary to deliver his city’s worst criminals to the hands of Lady Justice, are constantly in conflict. He wrestles, and sometimes boxes, with his inner demons and worldly enemies in a desperate struggle to maintain a balance between the two identities.

Marvel’s Daredevil and its Defenders constituents are heading over to Disney+ and heralding a new era.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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