Will Arnett To Lead Star-Studded Improv Murder Mystery Show for Netflix

Netflix has announced an upcoming murder mystery comedy series titled Murderville, starring Will Arnett. While already proving itself a giant in the movie and TV streaming industry, Netflix has not yet delved deep into the world of improvisational comedy specials. The series Middleditch and Schwartz from comedians Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz proved a hit with some viewers, but only ran for three episodes and featured just the duo alone performing to a live audience. Perhaps, however, it paved the way for an exciting upcoming show.

Murderville is set to feature a host of celebrity guests including Eternals’ Kumail Nanjiani and Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy. Each episode of the six-part series will see a new celebrity guest partner with Detective Terry Seattle (Arnett) to solve a murder. However, the celebrity isn’t given a script, meaning they’ll have to improvise their way through the case and ultimately be the one to name the killer. Alongside Nanjiani and Murphy, Murderville’s celebrity guests include Ken Jeong, Conan O’Brien, Marshawn Lynch and Sharon Stone. The main cast includes Arnett, Haneefah Wood as Chief Ronda Jenkins-Seattle, Lilan Bowden as Medical Examiner Amber Kang, and Phillip Smithey as Detective Darren ‘Daz’ Philips. Murderville’s showrunner is Emmy award-winning writer Krister Johnson, whose previous credits include Wet Hot American Summer and Netflix comedy Medical Police. Murderville premieres February 3 on Netflix. Check out the stills from the show below.

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Ever since Rian Johnson’s Knives Out received huge critical acclaim in 2019, the murder-mystery comedy genre has been enjoying a revival; something Netflix is clearly eager to capitalise on. After the streaming service’s success in 2020 with Middleditch and Schwartz featuring the Parks and Rec and Silicon Valley stars, it’s easy to see why improv comedy, murder mystery and celebrity guests seem like a winning combination for Netflix. With Arnett’s background in farcical and ridiculous comedies such as Hot Rod and Blades of Glory (as well as his breakout role in Arrested Development), the actor seems like the perfect lead for Murderville, a show that promises to not take murder too seriously.

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Netflix announces a new murder-mystery comedy series called Murderville, where a celebrity guest improvises their way through an investigation.Read MoreScreenRant – Feed

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