X-Men Writer to Lead TV Adaptation of Amercan McGee’s Alice Video Game Series

When Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland was announced, some fans believed that the film would bring a darker vision of Wonderland to life ⁠— similar to the classic video game American McGee’s Alice. While the film was not a bright and happy affair, it was a long way from the disturbing story that was told across the game, its sequel Alice: Madness Returns and the in-development third installment Alice: Asylum. Now it looks like the haunting and murderous vision of Wonderland will be coming to the small screen in a new TV adaptation with X-Men writer David Hayter on board as showrunner.

American McGee’s Alice is a dark, violent take on the Lewis Carroll classic, and it is heading to the small screen in a new TV series.Read MoreMovieWeb – Feed

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